Area W3 Council Meeting Minutes

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AREA W3 2012/2013
Minutes of the 1st Area Council Meeting
Date : 26 December 2012 (Wednesday)
Time : 7:00pm – 9:10pm
Venue : Level 10, KPMG KL Tower


IBM Malaysia TMC
Friendship TMC
Exact TMC
Kenny Chan, TM
Tan Tyng Yng, TM
Wendy Yap, TM
Grace Loh, ACB, ALB
Jowy Chong, CC
Alexandra Lau, CC
Timothy Nakayama, ACG
Daphne Au, CC
Chor Chee Hoe, CC, ALB
Sylvia Tan, CC
Teo Soo Loon, ACB, CL

Area Governor Welcome Address

  • Introduction of Area Council Committees
Area W3 Governor, Chor Chee Hoe
Assistant Area W3 Governor Education & Training, Timothy Nakayama
Webmaster, Daphne Au
Secretary, Wendy Yap

Review and Reflection

  • TLI2: Club Officers Training
Friendships Toastmasters Club (TMC) Excos who attended the Division W TLI 2 shared their experience and what they have learned from the event. This year’s TLI2 included Planning session and Summary session which the Area Governor provides advice to solve issues that faced by the clubs. Members from IBM Malaysia TMC will attend the TLI2 on 12 Jan 2013.

  • DCP Achievement
Feedback from Alexandra that Area W3 has given sufficient recognition and overall AG has done a good job in sharing of information among the Area. Timothy added that prize giving session during TLI2 took up too much time and many members leave during this session. At the moment, Friendships TMC has achieved 5 out of 10 Distinguished Club Points (DCP), KPMG TMC has achieved 4 out of 10 DCP, while IBM Malaysia TMC has not achieve any point yet.

Report and Update
  • Area W3 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests
Prizes and certificated were sponsored, food was served in potluck basis, and no door fee was collected. As for this year, it was suggested to draft out a budget, then the expenses will be shared among the clubs. Money will be collected from respective clubs prior to the contest. This suggestion has been agreed by all the attendees.

  • New Club in Area W3
Hasil TMC is expecting to establish a new club in Cyberjaya. Hence, there will be 6 clubs under Area W3.

  • Financial Matters
Currently there is no appointed Treasurer in Area W3 Council Committees. A suggestion was raised, where a treasurer will be appointed by the committees or the event organizer for each event or project. This suggestion has been agreed by all the attendees.

  • Division W Recognition Program
Award recognition handout was distributed to the floor. Pins will be awarded to clubs with full attendance of TLI 1 & 2 and members who have achieved any educational award like Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leadership (CL).

  • District Recognition Program
Email is received from Division Governor regarding the Seize the Moment campaign. Chee Hoe will continue to circulate information about upcoming District Recognition Program.

Planning and Strategizing
  • Area W3 International Speech and Table Topics Contests
Tentatively will be held on 23 March 2013 at 2pm, expecting around 50 attendees. IBM TMC offers to sponsor the venue, and no lunch will be provided.
Organizing Chair – Alexandra Lau, Friendships TMC
Table Topic Contest Chair – non-Area W3 member
International Speech Contest Chair – KPMG or IBM Malaysia TMC
Assistant Sergeant at Arms 1 – IBM Malaysia TMC
Assistant Sergeant at Arms 2 – KPMG TMC
Ballot Counter 1 – Exact TMC
Ballot Counter 2 – Friendships TMC
Ballot Counter 3 – non-Area W3 member
Time Keeper 1 – Exact TMC
Time Keeper 2 – non-Area W3 member

  • Area W3 Blog Matters
The blog is meant for all Area W3 clubs and it is seldom updated. Hence, all Areas W3 clubs are requested to contribute updates on clubs events. The blog web address is

  • Awards and Recognition
It is not necessary to have recognition from Area level since there is recognition given at Division level. However, special Toastmasters International pins will be awarded to champions of Area W3 International Speech and Table Topics Contests as encouragement.

Area W3 Govenor Election
  • Election of Area W3 Governor for the term 2013/2014
AG read out the rules and regulation of the election. Nominees are Tan Tyng Yng nominated by Wendy Yap and Timothy Nakayama nominated by Alexandra Lau. Teo Soo Loon proposed for the nomination to close and was seconded by Grace Loh.
Both Timothy and Tyng Yng gave their speeches and answered questions from the floor. One representative from each club witnessed the ballot counting performed by the AG. Tan Tyng Yng is elected as Area W3 Governor for the term 2013/2014 effective from 1 July 2013.

Other Matters
  • Division W Workshop : Be The Speaker You Can Be
The workshop will be held on 19 January 2013, Saturday in University Malaya, conducted by Palaniappa Subramaniam, ACS CL and LeAnn Tang, DTM. For every 5 tickets purchased will get 50% discount.

  • Friendships TMC has 10% discount on any purchase via TI website and this benefit is shared with other Area W3 clubs.  

  • Announcement
KPMG TMC will have their club ISTT Contests on 22 Feb 2013.
Friendship TMC will have their club ISTT Contests on 22 Jan 2013, 6:30 pm, in Bukit Kiara.
IBM TMC will have their club ISTT Contests on 19 Feb 2013, 6:30pm in IBM Plaza.

Wendy Yap, Area W3 Secretary

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