Area W3 Council Meeting + Earth Day Celebration

Area W3 is well known of its strong camaraderie between all the members. We like to have FUN and always have inter-club events for fellowship!

On 20 April, the club officers of Area W3 clubs gathered and had a fruitful council meeting, followed by the Earth Day celebration. All the club officers were participating in the exciting games during the celebration.

To appreciate the hard work of the fellow club officers in the past 10 months, we have prepared some gifts to the lucky club officers.

Lucky draw winners go to...

Area W3 ISTT Contests 2013

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce to you the champion for the Area W3
International Speech Contest goes to LEE CHEN CHOON from Friendship Toastmasters Club.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce to you the champion for the Area W3 Table
Topic Speech Contest goes to GRACE LOH from KPMG Toastmasters Club.”

International Speech Contest Chair Hitomi Ng and Table Topic Contest Chair Heng Jing Yi
announced the results successively after the Chief Judge Vincent Soon handed over the results to
the two lovely ladies.

The birth of the Area W3 champions has just emerged on last Saturday 23 March. Lee Chen
Choon was the champion of the International Speech Contest while Grace Loh was the
champion of Table Topic Contest. Congratulations, bravo and kudos to both of them!

With thunderous applause and cheerful flapping from the audience, the winners marched
jubilantly to the stage one after another to receive the award from the hands of the friendly Area W3 Governor Chor Chee Hoe.

The contestants of International Speech Contest were Laila from IBM Toastmasters, Lee
Shoon Hoe from Exact ADC, Grace Loh from KPMG and lastly Lee Chen Choon from Friendship
toastmasters club.

Laila from IBM shared with the audience about the pros and cons of using Facebook. She urged
the audience to use the Facebook wisely as the way of using Facebook reflects our maturity as
well as our intelligence. She warned us that the improper usage of Facebook would draw not
only yourself but your family and friends become vulnerable to the baddie.

The second contestant Lee Shoon Hoe spoke on the topic ‘Walk with Ah Thor’. Ah Thor
was a limp old man with haunch back. However he gained the respects and like from the
neighborhoods despite his physical challenge by his positive attitude towards life. The grass is
always greener at the other side. She urged the audience do not compare and envy what other
have, but treasure what you already have and be good to people who love you and around you.

The third speaker was Grace Loh from KPMG toastmasters. She told the audience that she was
being criticized as the troublesome by her family members just because of her force to adjust
her family members’ lifestyle. Good food is not fast, Fast food is not good. In the process of
persuading her family members to regularly, consistently and persistently practice a good and
balance lifestyle which was always troublesome, cumbersome and tiresome; She learnt to enjoy
and focus on the present instead, not to worry too much about the future. Everyone knows the
best way to live a balance and healthier life; they know which one suits them the best.

And lastly the Champion Lee Chen Choon, he shared with the audience about finding the meaning
in his life. He started to contemplate the meaning of life seriously when Uncle Lim who
supported him, changed him into a better person passed away. All this while he neglected his
loved one due to busy works. Losing Uncle Lim taught him about the time he missed with his
family and friends. Life is short. He urged the audience to join him in the race of getting to the
finishing line with no regrets. What a moving, uplifting and sensational message he sent!

In the Table Topic Contest, the table topic selected by the Chief Judge was ‘Apart from
swimming, what is your favorite thing to do in the swimming pool.’ This indeed the funniest
table topic I have ever heard. The audience laughed out laugh when the table topic was recited
by the contest chair. Champion Grace Loh gracefully spoke to the audience that she exercised
Aquarobics in the swimming pool besides swimming. Aquarobics exercise is as good and
effective as swimming. She invited the audience to join her for her next aquarobics session.
This was indeed an interesting and new idea of activity to do in the swimming pool besides
swimming. She also mentioned about family bonding time and asked the audience to explore
themselves in order to know more.

1st runner up Lee Chen Choon told the audience that life is like a swimming pool. Learning of
swimming is the same as learning public speaking and leadership in toastmasters. He described
that the journey of learning swimming were like the mentor and mentee relationship in
toastmasters. You master the swimming skills and in return, you help others in becoming a good
and skillful swimmer.

Here are the results of the International Speech Contest
Champion: Lee Chen Choon
1st runner up: Grace Loh

Here are the results of the Table Topic Contest.
Champion: Grace Loh
1st runner up: Lee Chen Choon

We are elated and proud to see the birth of the winners. Toastmasters has magnificently
transformed and revolutionized its members to become better communicators and leaders. We
wish the two of them all the best in the upcoming Division W International Speech and Table
Topic Contests on 27 April 2013 in Segi University College, Kota Damansara.

Contributed by,
Daphne Au
Area W3 Webmaster

Area W3 Council Meeting Minutes

AREA W3 2012/2013
Minutes of the 1st Area Council Meeting
Date : 26 December 2012 (Wednesday)
Time : 7:00pm – 9:10pm
Venue : Level 10, KPMG KL Tower


IBM Malaysia TMC
Friendship TMC
Exact TMC
Kenny Chan, TM
Tan Tyng Yng, TM
Wendy Yap, TM
Grace Loh, ACB, ALB
Jowy Chong, CC
Alexandra Lau, CC
Timothy Nakayama, ACG
Daphne Au, CC
Chor Chee Hoe, CC, ALB
Sylvia Tan, CC
Teo Soo Loon, ACB, CL

Area Governor Welcome Address

  • Introduction of Area Council Committees
Area W3 Governor, Chor Chee Hoe
Assistant Area W3 Governor Education & Training, Timothy Nakayama
Webmaster, Daphne Au
Secretary, Wendy Yap

Review and Reflection

  • TLI2: Club Officers Training
Friendships Toastmasters Club (TMC) Excos who attended the Division W TLI 2 shared their experience and what they have learned from the event. This year’s TLI2 included Planning session and Summary session which the Area Governor provides advice to solve issues that faced by the clubs. Members from IBM Malaysia TMC will attend the TLI2 on 12 Jan 2013.

  • DCP Achievement
Feedback from Alexandra that Area W3 has given sufficient recognition and overall AG has done a good job in sharing of information among the Area. Timothy added that prize giving session during TLI2 took up too much time and many members leave during this session. At the moment, Friendships TMC has achieved 5 out of 10 Distinguished Club Points (DCP), KPMG TMC has achieved 4 out of 10 DCP, while IBM Malaysia TMC has not achieve any point yet.

Report and Update
  • Area W3 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests
Prizes and certificated were sponsored, food was served in potluck basis, and no door fee was collected. As for this year, it was suggested to draft out a budget, then the expenses will be shared among the clubs. Money will be collected from respective clubs prior to the contest. This suggestion has been agreed by all the attendees.

  • New Club in Area W3
Hasil TMC is expecting to establish a new club in Cyberjaya. Hence, there will be 6 clubs under Area W3.

  • Financial Matters
Currently there is no appointed Treasurer in Area W3 Council Committees. A suggestion was raised, where a treasurer will be appointed by the committees or the event organizer for each event or project. This suggestion has been agreed by all the attendees.

  • Division W Recognition Program
Award recognition handout was distributed to the floor. Pins will be awarded to clubs with full attendance of TLI 1 & 2 and members who have achieved any educational award like Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leadership (CL).

  • District Recognition Program
Email is received from Division Governor regarding the Seize the Moment campaign. Chee Hoe will continue to circulate information about upcoming District Recognition Program.

Planning and Strategizing
  • Area W3 International Speech and Table Topics Contests
Tentatively will be held on 23 March 2013 at 2pm, expecting around 50 attendees. IBM TMC offers to sponsor the venue, and no lunch will be provided.
Organizing Chair – Alexandra Lau, Friendships TMC
Table Topic Contest Chair – non-Area W3 member
International Speech Contest Chair – KPMG or IBM Malaysia TMC
Assistant Sergeant at Arms 1 – IBM Malaysia TMC
Assistant Sergeant at Arms 2 – KPMG TMC
Ballot Counter 1 – Exact TMC
Ballot Counter 2 – Friendships TMC
Ballot Counter 3 – non-Area W3 member
Time Keeper 1 – Exact TMC
Time Keeper 2 – non-Area W3 member

  • Area W3 Blog Matters
The blog is meant for all Area W3 clubs and it is seldom updated. Hence, all Areas W3 clubs are requested to contribute updates on clubs events. The blog web address is

  • Awards and Recognition
It is not necessary to have recognition from Area level since there is recognition given at Division level. However, special Toastmasters International pins will be awarded to champions of Area W3 International Speech and Table Topics Contests as encouragement.

Area W3 Govenor Election
  • Election of Area W3 Governor for the term 2013/2014
AG read out the rules and regulation of the election. Nominees are Tan Tyng Yng nominated by Wendy Yap and Timothy Nakayama nominated by Alexandra Lau. Teo Soo Loon proposed for the nomination to close and was seconded by Grace Loh.
Both Timothy and Tyng Yng gave their speeches and answered questions from the floor. One representative from each club witnessed the ballot counting performed by the AG. Tan Tyng Yng is elected as Area W3 Governor for the term 2013/2014 effective from 1 July 2013.

Other Matters
  • Division W Workshop : Be The Speaker You Can Be
The workshop will be held on 19 January 2013, Saturday in University Malaya, conducted by Palaniappa Subramaniam, ACS CL and LeAnn Tang, DTM. For every 5 tickets purchased will get 50% discount.

  • Friendships TMC has 10% discount on any purchase via TI website and this benefit is shared with other Area W3 clubs.  

  • Announcement
KPMG TMC will have their club ISTT Contests on 22 Feb 2013.
Friendship TMC will have their club ISTT Contests on 22 Jan 2013, 6:30 pm, in Bukit Kiara.
IBM TMC will have their club ISTT Contests on 19 Feb 2013, 6:30pm in IBM Plaza.

Wendy Yap, Area W3 Secretary

Seize the Moment 3 Campaign

The Seize the Moment 3 Campaign has started and will last from 11th January 2013 – 31st March 2013.
Many interesting awards and prizes await you so check out the flyers below for more details!

Let's Seize the Moment - Go For It!

Nominations for District Officers for Term 2013-2104

Dear Fellow Toastmasters in District 51,

As we usher in the new year, it is also time for the District to call

nominations for members to serve District 51 for the term 2013 - 2014.

The term of service starts from 1st July 2013 and ends on 30th June 2014.

Nominations are sought for the following offices:

1) District Governor

2) Lieutenant Governor of Education & Training

3) Lieutenant Governor of Marketing

4) Division Governors for Divisions A, B, C, E,G, H, K, M, N, P, Q, S and W

Salient points to note:

  • Ensure your nominee meets the minimum qualification requirements prior to submitting the nomination.

  • Complete the attached Officer Nomination Form and Officer Agreement Release Form and email them to the District Nominating Committee Chairman, IPDG, Sue Chan, DTM ( ) All nominations are to arrive by 5pm on Monday 25th February 2013 .

  • A Toastmaster of good standing in D51 may nominate another Toastmaster for an officer's position.

  • All 2013-2014 positions listed above are open for nominations. There is no fixed line of succession nor is there any automatic, guaranteed progression from one office to another.

  • Nominations close on Monday 25th February 2013 at 5.00pm Malaysian time.

  • Election of District 51 Officers for the term 2013-2014 will take place at the District Council Meeting on Friday, 24th May 2013 at 2.00pm at  Hydro Hotel, Penang

  • The positions of District Public Relations Officer, Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed by the Incoming District 51 Governor.

  • The positions of Area Governors will be elected at the respective Area Council Meetings as per past practice in District 51.


District Leader Mission, Purpose and Qualifications

The mission of the district is to enhance the performance and extend the network of clubs, thereby offering greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters educational program.


As the district's chief executive officer, directs the district in a way which fosters strong clubs; produces maximum growth in education completions, club and membership; and is consistent with the interests of members of Toastmasters International. Responsible for motivating the district to achieve Distinguished District. Achieves the mission of the district in a manner which motivates volunteer leaders and promotes a standard of excellence in all district activities.
Qualifications (at the time of taking office) The district governor shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a club president and at least twelve (12) consecutive months as a lt. governor or division governor or a combination thereof.

Under the guidance of the district governor, strives to have every club and each member reap the benefits of the Toastmasters educational program and to have every club become a Distinguished Club. Responsible for achieving Distinguished District goals for CC’s, AC’s and Distinguished Clubs. Provides direction and counsel to division governors, area governors, and club officers on the educational opportunities in Toastmasters. Responsible for the design and conduct of successful district training programs, conferences, and other district educational events.
Qualifications (at the time of taking office) The lt. governor education and training shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a club president and at least twelve (12) consecutive months as a lt. governor, division governor, an area governor, or a combination thereof.


Under guidance of the district governor, makes the benefits of Toastmasters membership available to greater numbers of people. Plans, develops, implements, and directs short-term and long-term district marketing objectives. Develops and directs programs for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion, and membership retention. Responsible for achieving Distinguished District goals for membership and club growth. Promotes standards of service to the member and to the club.

Qualifications (at the time of taking office) The lt. governor marketing shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a club president and at least twelve (12) consecutive months as a lt. governor, division governor, an area governor, or a combination thereof.


Achieves the mission of the district within the division, accomplishing district goals in membership building and retention, club extension, and educational accomplishments. Ensures that each club realizes its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members. Responsible for achieving Distinguished Division Program goals and for ensuring that areas and clubs within the division achieve Distinguished status. Serves the division clubs by providing district support and resources through the area governors.
Qualifications (at the time of taking office) A division governor shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a member of a district council (e.g., club president, vice president education, area governor, district secretary, district treasurer).

Fellow Toastmasters,

Whether we are nominating a member or we are being nominated, please bear in mind that we come in whole heartedly to serve District 51. Once the commitment is made, the responsibility is upon the team to work towards the common goal - the growth and development of the members and clubs. Every club constitutes the pulse of District 51 and it is the District leaders who will have to serve and ensure that the clubs are run according to the guidelines laid down by Toastmasters International.

All the best to the candidates who are nominated and wishing all a meaningful journey in Toastmasters - Where Leaders Are Made.

Seize this Moment to Serve in District 51!

Ramdas Nayar, DTM

District 51 Governor 2012-2013

" Seize the Moment"

Semi Annual Convention 2012 - M.A.D

One of the most awaited events of the year has arrived – the Semi Annual Convention 2012 with the theme 'Make A Difference'. It was not only a distinguished and grand occasion for all Toastmasters members under District 51; it was also the time where champions from 11 divisions came together to compete for the Best Humorous Speaker and Best Evaluator titles in District 51. 

This year, Area W3 is extremely privileged to have our Assistant Area Governor of Education & Training, Timothy Nakayama to represent us to compete for both Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest in the District 51 Semi Annual Convention on 17th November 2012. He was also honorably represented our division, Division W.

Timothy came from a long way; he joined Friendship Toastmasters Club in January this year. Since joining the club, Timothy actively, enthusiastically and vigorously delivered his project speeches and evaluations in every meeting, as well as in other Toastmasters club meetings. Within the few months, he achieved the title as Advance Communicator Silver

Timothy’s long battle in the Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest began since Friendship Toastmasters Club Contest on August 7th 2012. After winning as club’s best humorous speaker and evaluator, he moved on to Area W3 contest on September 7thHe continued to conquer both titles all the way to Division W contest on September 29th. Finally, he was there to compete against 11 district-finalists at the Semi Annual Convention.

As the day came, Timothy was all prepared and ready. Both Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests were furious and challenging as all contestants were outstanding and elite. Timothy resiliently competed with focus, perseverance and believes. Finally, he won the 1st Runner-Up in the District 51 Humorous Speech ContestHeartiest Congratulations to Timothy! He made a triumphant breakthrough for being the first Area W3 member winning in a District Humorous Speech Contest. 

Timothy Nakayama receiving the 1st Runner-Up for Humorous Speech trophy from D51 Lieutenant Governor Education and Training, DTM Kiang Faang Pyng

Support, glory and pride. Friendship members who came along at the Semi Annual Convention to give power-whoosh to Timothy, including (from left to right) President AlexandraVPM Sylvia TanVPE Daphne AuGeok Ean, Immediate past President Angeline Lee and Sivadas (busy at the back)

Another marvelous thing that happened during the Semi Annual Convention was receiving the President’s Distinguished Club Award. Last term, Friendship Toastmasters Club and KPMG KL Toastmasters Club have served their best for members and achieved President’s Distinguished Club Award. Congratulations! 

Friendship members receiving the President’s Distinguished Club Award from Immediate Past District Governor, Sue Chan

Contributed by,
Alexandra Lau  
President of Friendship Toastmasters Club 2012/13

About Area W3

For 2012/2013, Area W3 consists of five (5) Clubs under Area Governor Chor Chee Hoe.
They are
  1. Friendship Toastmasters Club
  2. IBM Malaysia Toastmasters Club
  3. Hasil Toastmasters Club
  4. KPMG KL Toastmasters
  5. EXACT ADC Toastmasters Club

For 2011/2012, Area W3 consists of five (5) Clubs under Area Governor Kimmy Foo.
They are
  1. Friendship Toastmasters Club
  2. IBM Malaysia Toastmasters Club
  3. Hasil Toastmasters Club
  4. KPMG KL Toastmasters
  5. EXACT ADC Toastmasters Club

For 2010/2011, Area W3 consists of five (5) Clubs under Area Governor Angeline Lee.
They are
  1. Friendship Toastmasters Club
  2. One World Toastmasters Club
  3. Hasil Toastmasters Club
  4. KPMG KL Toastmasters
  5. EXACT ADC Toastmasters Club

For 2009/2010, Area W7 consists of six (6) Clubs under Area Governor Tan Lay Theng.
They are 
  1. Friendship Toastmasters Club
  2. Ireka Toastmasters Club
  3. ING Leadership Toastmasters Club
  4. Hasil Toastmasters Club
  5. KPMG KL Toastmasters
  6. EXACT ADC Toastmasters Club

Greetings from Area Governor 2012/13

Greetings fellow Toastmasters of Area W3!

Seize The Moment - Go For It!

As your Area Governor for this term, I am happy and privileged to be entrusted with the role of helping every member of Area W3 to achieve your Toastmasters goals, in the communication track as well as the leadership track.
Let's seize the moment and achieve what we desire!

As it is not possible to do this on my own, I will be working together with your Club Officers of Exact ADC, Friendship, Hasil, IBM Malaysia and KPMG KL, to help you in your 'Go For It' journey.

In addition, we have three amazing individuals who will be helping us and they are

Assistant Area Governor of Education and Training - Timothy Nakayama (Friendship TMC)
Area W3 Secretary - Wendy Yap (IBM Malaysia TMC)
Area W3 Webmaster - Daphne Au (Friendship TMC)

Wishing you a happy and fruitful journey ahead of you in your quest to achieve your goals!

Yours in Toastmasters service,
Chor Chee Hoe

Area W3 Update June 2012

Divsion W Governor 2012/2013 Lay Theng

Area W3 is pleased and proud to announce that our incoming Division W Governor for 2012/2013 is Tan Lay Theng. Without a doubt, she will serve to the best of her ability, with her leadership skills gained while serving in the following roles
  • Club President of Friendship Toastmasters Club 2008/2009. Friendship achieved President Distinguished Club status during her term
  • Area W7 Governor 2009/2010. Area W7 achieved President Distinguished Area status under her capable leadership
  • Assistant Division W Governor Education 2011/2012 

Area W3 Governor 2012/2013 Chee Hoe

Area W3 is also pleased to announce that our Area Governor for 2012/2013 is Chor Chee Hoe. In his 2 years Toastmasters journey, he has undertaken the following leadership roles
  • Vice President Membership of Friendship Toastmasters Club 2010/2011
  • Vice President Education of Friendship Toastmasters Club 2011/2012
  • Assistant Area W3 Governor Marketing 2010/2011
  • Assistant Area W3 Governor Education & Training 2011/2012

Division W and Area W3 will be in capable hands when both Lay Theng and Chee Hoe take up their Division Governor and Area Governor roles on 1 July 2012.

With their continuous desire and effort to lead members of Division W, with their humble attitude to learn and to share what they have learnt, we are fortunate to have them as our leaders.

Division W Contest 17 March 2012

Division W Governor Marian Lee with TME John Cheah

Division W International Speech Contest
Five brave contestants gave their best on a Saturday afternoon, and the appreciative audience enjoyed various topics about never giving up, Dec 12 2012, smelling the roses, being not good enough and the meaning of death.

Apart from winning the trophies generously provided by District 51, the champions for Division W International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest will proceed to District 51’s contests to be held on Sun 29 April 2012 at Sunway Convention Centre.

Our third place winner spoke of impending doomsday on Dec 12 2012, according to the Mayan calendar. He even bought his own Mayan calendar to show us the time. With less than 300 days to go before Dec 12, he advocated doing more charity work.

Our second place winner learnt about the meaning of death from his friend, the nicest guy that he knew of. One day, as he was about to board the flight to Singapore to visit his friend, he received the devastating news that his friend has just passed away, at the age of 21. He regretted not visiting him more often, while his friend was undergoing treatment for leukemia. From that day onwards, he resolved to live his life with no regrets.

Our champion was told that he was useless, that he was not good enough and not smart enough when his team members rejected him, his teacher and his bus driver scolded him. On a fateful day, a book that belonged to another student ended in his hands. He decided to read this book that told the tales of famous persons who had faced rejection and ridicule before they became successful. He found inspiration in the early struggles of Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan and George Custard. From them, he learnt that we should believe in ourselves, because all of us have the potential to do great things.

International Speech Contest Chair, CC, ALB Teoh Chun Ming (right) presenting the certificate of participation to the Teo Soo Loon, Area W3 contestant

International Speech Contest Results
Champion – Lee Han-Sen (TTDI)
1st runner up – Dominic Teoh (HSBC KL)
2nd runner up – Lawrence Hoo (Speakers Dream)

Division W Table Topics Contest
After a refreshing break where we mingled and chatted while we enjoy the delicious spread of fried beehoon, popiah, vegetables and delicious chicken curry, it was time for another entertaining session.

The question posed to our five contestants was – having no choices makes you happier than having more choices.

Our third place winner chose to be happy. In life, we have choices when we choose to change jobs, to settle down and start a family. In life, we also have no choice when it comes to death. Whether we have choices or none, our contestant choose to be happy.

Our second place winner humorously told us that at her age, having no choice is better for her. It was time for her to hold someone’s hand, to walk down the red carpet and to grow old together. She is looking forward to finding her life partner, for whom she is his choice!

Our champion advocated having variety in life, to escape the monotonous routine of life. For him, he found that as he grew older, he has more choices as he is still single. Ultimately, he believes that each of us has a higher purpose in life and we would know what choice to make, when the time comes.

Table Topics Contest Chair, DTM G Sivalingam (right) presenting the certificate of participation to Guok Lee Lee, Area W3 contestant

Table Topics Contest Results
Champion – Mark Lee (Speakers Dream)
1st runner up – E Son Lee (MAICSA)
2nd runner up – Lee Xi Wen (TTDI)

Division W International Speech Champion Han-Sen (left) with Division W Table Topic Champion Mark

As winners of the International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest, both Han-Sen and Mark now have no choice but to proceed to District 51 Contests on 29 April! We know that both of them are more than good enough, and that they have the potential to do great things.

Photos contributed by TARC Toastmasters Club