Division W ISTT Contests

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Area W3 congratulates Soo Loon and Shirley who did not return empty-handed after contesting at Division W International Speech and Table Topics (ISTT) Contests on 12 March 2011.

Congratulations to Shirley & Soo Loon !

We had a number of members from One World, Friendship, Exact ADC and KPMG KL attending this event. They came to witness the 10 winners from 5 Area Contests competing to win the coveted Division W Champion titles and also to support our favourite contestants Soo Loon and Shirley.

Members of One World Toastmasters Club

Shirley & Grace from KPMG KL Toastmasters Club

Exact ADC Yuen Kai & Chern Yi, with Soo Loon & Club Mentor Rengan

Seated two rows in front of Yuen Kai and his 7 year old son Chern Yi, we heard Chern Yi’s exclamation of delight during the winning speech about “Talk Talk Talk”. It proved that age is not a barrier to enjoying an International Speech Champion’s speech. With practiced ease, our Champion told us that babies can’t wait to talk, children can’t stop talking and teenagers talk in their own world. It was a LOL moment when he exclaimed, “OMG ! Look at the time. TTYL!” Although we can’t run away from talking, our Champion suggested that perhaps we should talk less and listen a little bit more.

Our first runner-up in his “The Brave Little Kid” speech vividly told us that each day, we take one small step towards death. It is a destination that we all share. He then had us laughing at his dramatic “die die must do” story where it was either he do or he dies. In the end, he asked us to hold on to the dreams that we had as a little kid because our dreams are not for sale. Instead of saying, “I wish I did”, we would be able to say, “I’m glad I did” if we have the courage to pursue our dreams.

Our second runner-up told us of his ardent desire to lose weight, to exercise more and to earn more than $100,000. However because of his permanent resident status in the most populous nation in the world – Procrastination, he told himself, there’s always tomorrow. Two years ago, for his elder brother Alex, tomorrow never arrived. Shaken by the sudden loss of his brother, he decided to live life as his brother had, to “Fire First, Aim Later”. He concluded by asking us, “Death is certain, but the hour is not. How many hours do you have ? What would you choose to do with it ?”

Division W International Speech Contest
Champion – Kevin Lim (Ireka – Talk, Talk, Talk)
First runner-up – Lee Xi Wen (Metropolitan – The Brave Little Kid)
Second runner-up – Teo Soo Loon (Exact ADC – Fire First, Aim Later)

Division W Governor DTM Vincent with Xi Wen, Kevin, Soo Loon & IS Contest Chair Kang

Our five Table Topics contestants tested their mettle in answering the table topic of “For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.”

Our Table Topics Champion told us of his friend who was unhappy that he has no private jets and buildings named after him. Asking us to pursue our cherished childhood dreams, he said, “Don’t wait to be happy”.

Our first runner-up lived with a woman who was full of anger. That affected her and she also transferred her anger towards her younger sister. However she concluded that this will not lead to happiness and emphatically asked us, “Don’t be angry, be happy!”

Our second runner-up told us that he does not have a lot of anger in him. For example, although he is less than pleased over his International Speech presentation, he has resolved not to let anger get in the way of his happiness.

Division W Table Topics Contest
Champion – Lee Xi Wen (TTDI)
First runner-up – Shirley Cheok (KPMG KL)
Second runner-up – Darcy Steinhart (Speakers Dream)

Division W Governor DTM Vincent with Shirley, Xi Wen, Darcy & TT Contest Chair Angeline

The champions of Division W Contests will be representing Division W at District 51 International Speech and Table Topics Contest on 1 May 2011 at the Penang Annual Convention. We wish them all the best and may our “Talk Talk Talk” Champion talk his way to another trophy while our “Brave Little Kid” with his many dreams achieve his dream to be District 51 Table Topics Champion !

Photos contributed by Yeoh Cheng Lim

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