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Friendship on Tues 25 Jan 2011

Freddie convinced the audience and judges that it is “Quality, not quantity” that matters. After that, Chee Hoe made us sit up and listen in his “Listen, please!” speech. Sivadas spoke of being a better speaker since joining Toastmasters in his “Unchangeable Change” speech.

In the Table Topics Contest, the topic selected by Chief Judge Lakhmichand was “Nothing is perfect, nothing is impossible” from a choice of 3 topics. Contestants Freddie, Alexandra, Sivadas, Ben and Vincent spoke on this topic with no hesitation. Among other things we heard about the perfect wife, the perfect job and of meeting one’s dream girl. It might not have been easy task for the judges to decide on the winners, with so many perfectly convincing answers to choose from.

After careful deliberation, Chief Judge Lakhmichand handed over the results to Contest Chairs Lay Theng and Angeline. Here are the results.

International Speech Contest
Champion - Freddie Yap
First runner-up - Chor Chee Hoe

International Speech Contest winners Chee Hoe and Freddie

Table Topics Contest
Champion - Freddie Yap
First runner-up - Vincent Wong
Second runner-up - Ben Fong

Table Topics winners Vincent, Freddie and Ben

KPMG on Mon 21 Feb 2011
By Grace Loh

Table Topics Champion Shirley and International Speech Champion Suresh

Suresh Ragavan, our International Speech contest champion reminded us to use a scarce commodity, “Common Sense”. He hilariously related various things we often did or encountered when we didn’t engage our brains.

Table Topics Contest Chair Joanita unveiled the topic “Your future depends on your dreams” to our team of brave ladies. It was a parade of 6 beauties taking their turn to share with us their dreams, ambitions and desires as well as how they plan to achieve them.

Table Topics contestants Joo Lee, Diyana, Shirley, Yi Hoong, Michelle and Krystle

Our newest member Joo Lee, shares her experience in taking part in a club contest for the first time. “Most agree that first love is the deepest. I’ll say my first participation in the Table Topics contest was the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had! It was nerve wrecking at first but I truly enjoyed delivering the table topic. My level of enthusiasm increased when I saw positive responses from the audience. I’ve done it once and am already looking forward to my next speech presentation. Toastmasters can be addictive!”

International Speech Contest
Champion – Suresh Ragavan

Table Topics Contest
Champion – Shirley Cheok
First runner-up – Too Yi Hoong
Second runner-up – Toh Joo Lee

Exact ADC on Tues 22 Feb 2011
By Caroline Yap

Yeow Yuen Kai’s speech “Never give up”, was an emotional tale of his recent encounter with his cousin, who is battling cancer. There are those who are fighting for their lives, yet there are many cases of youths announcing their own “Judgement Day” and committing suicide. His key message was to not give up and life is indeed precious.

Second speaker was Andrew Ng, who firmly sent the message “Make love, not baby” in his speech on pre-marital sex, children borne out of wedlock and the murderous crime of abandoning babies.

Loon was next, with his speech “Just do it”, in which he exemplified his experience of preparing for this contest as a built-up constipation. His delivery brought rounds of laughter as he spoke of the 3 devils, urging him to fear, be unprepared and to procrastinate.

In the Table Topics Contest, the contestants were asked to speak on “Who we were, will not influence who we can be.” Andrew, Loon and Yuen Kai delivered their table topic speeches within the allotted time.

Contest Chair Chee Yoong, contestants Loon, Yuen Kai, Andrew and Organising Chair Caroline

International Speech Contest
Champion – Teo Soo Loon
First runner-up – Yeow Yuen Kai

Table Topics Contest
Champion – Teo Soo Loon
First runner-up – Yeow Yuen Kai

We wish the club contest winners all the best at the upcoming Area W3 International Speech and Table Topics Contest on Thursday 3 March 2011 at Level 8, G Tower, Jalan Tun Razak. Join us and find out who will be the new Area W3 Champion !

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